clojuTRE - 2013

clojure event for programmers - 28th Aug 2013


clojuTRE is a free event for all interested in Clojure and its usage and applicability in real-world projects.

Event starts with a set of technical talks about clojure in the field & some cool new tech thingies. After the talks which we'll head to sauna facilities next door for open discussions, programming, beer and sauna (towels included).

No previous experience from clojure is required, just bring yourself open-minded. Bring also your own laptop if you want to do some hands-on stuff in the evening, whether you are a newbie or not.

Pages of last year's event can be found here.


In Tampere, Finland. Split into two sites: Presentations are held at Technopolis and the after event in Tulli Business Park sauna (across the street)


Häggman Sali
Technopolis Yliopistonrinne
Kalevantie 2


Saavutus conference and sauna facility
Tulli Business Park
Åkerlundinkatu 11
33100 Tampere

Both sites are only few minutes away from the railway station.


You can register to the event here. (Aug 16th note: full house. Add yourself to waitlist, we'll try to get everybody in)


  • 17:00 Presentations (& some snacks)
  • 20:00 After event (& some drinks)


Learning to pick (Jouni Seppänen, Joel Kaasinen)

The ZenRobotics Recycler comprises multiple software and hardware components for tasks including machine vision, target identification, and robot control. Parts of the system have real-time requirements, and parts need to adapt an evolving environment such as different materials and hardware components. We discuss some of the problems encountered and lessons learned while building the system, including how we address real-time requirements and use machine learning to improve the system.

Single Page Webapps in ClojureScript with Pedestal (Tero Parviainen)

Pedestal is a new open source toolkit for building single page webapps in Clojure and ClojureScript. By providing just the right abstractions, it lets you build significant applications without getting lost in complexity. The things Pedestal lets you do will make any web developer's head spin. But it comes with quite a steep learning curve. There are many concepts to grasp, some of them quite subtle. In this talk I'll share my experiences with Pedestal, having used it in a couple of applications. I'll talk about my difficulties and breakthroughs, hopefully giving you an idea of what Pedestal is and just how useful it can be.

Gadget lab (Metosin)

Clojure in action with AR.Drones, Leap Motion & stuff


Want to start programming in clojure? Poke us in the after event and let's build & test together your first web app in clojure.


Jouni Seppänen (@jks)

Jouni Seppänen is interested in data analysis and how to implement it efficiently. He has a PhD from TKK in computer science and has been working as a software developer in projects including measurement of atmospheric gases, functional genomics, consumer analytics, and now sorting garbage with robots. He also coaches students for math olympiads.

Joel Kaasinen (+Joel)

Joel Kaasinen is a functional programming junkie. He has been working at ZenRobotics since 2008 and has seen the Clojure code base grow from 0 to over 100k lines. In his other life, he is a founding member of the functional programming student group Lambda ry and has taught Clojure and Haskell at University of Helsinki.

Tero Parviainen (@teropa)

Tero Parviainen is a software maker with 12 years of professional yak shaving under the belt. Tero's been having an on-off relationship with Clojure since 2008. He's currently putting together the Clojure Cup competition and has also just finished writing a book called Real-time Web Application Development with Vert.x about the brand new Vert.x 2.0. He tweets as @teropa.

Sam Aaron (@samaaron)

Sam Aaron is a researcher, software architect and live programmer with a deep fascination surrounding the notion of programming as a form of communication. His previous research and industry work focused upon the design and implementation of DSLs in order to allow concepts to be communicated and transposed more effectively and efficiently.

Christophe Grand (@cgrand)

Christophe is an independent software engineer/consultant and a long-time Clojure enthusiast. He has contributed to Clojure itself and he is the author of well known libraries Enlive and Moustache. He's also the co-author of the definitive Clojure book Clojure Programming.