clojuTRE - 2012

clojure hacking event - 12th Oct 2012


clojuTRE is an informal and free (as in beer) clojure seminar and hacking session for developers interested in Clojure language and its usage in real-world projects.

We'll begin at 14:00 with newbie intro and gradually move towards more advanced stuff. Our topics cover intro for absolute n00bs, real-life experiences from enterprisey project, live game development, real-time DSLs, and interactive music programming.

After the presentations we do some hacking (bring your laptop), eating, drinking and body & soul cleansing in sauna.

Our venue hosts comfortably 30 participants and our reservation ends at 23:59.

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You can register to the event here. (Oct 4th note: full house. Add yourself to waitlist.)



Clojure hands-on intro for newbies (Jarppe Länsiö)

A gentle hands-on introduction to using Clojure. We will cover some important Clojure basics while implementing a trivial project using Eclipse + Counterclockwise, Leiningen, and stuff. You'll get a grasp of Lisp syntax and semantics, basic Clojure datastructures and functional programming in general. You can begin implementing your own application while following the session and continue it later in the free hacking session.

It helps to get started if you install clojure development environment before the event. If you prefer eclipse you can check out this video: Clojure Gently - Part 1.

Clojure in real world project (Tommi Reiman)

In this talk Tommi will tell about the illumination of an enterprise Java / Scala programmer while choosing the right tools for largish self-service web project. Keywords: clojure, cqrs, eventsourcing, nosql.

Live game development with Clojure and ClojureScript (Markku Rontu)

Welcome to save the world! The green robot menace must be stopped from invading our precious planet. Armed with Clojure and ClojureScript, we'll bring on the big guns of software development and start our counterattack with a bit of live web development and interactive graphics.

Clojure at Zenrobotics (Lasse Rasinen)

In his talk Lasse will tell about different aspects of using Clojure in development of recycling robots and he presents a case-study of Zenrobotics's real-time DSL. Zenrobotics is an expert in advanced AI robotics and sensor fusion. Their AI is the most advanced technology used in the recycling business today.

Zen and the Art of Live Programming with Clojure (Sam Aaron)

Clojure's interactive features provide programmers with a remarkable ability to create software with a unique and highly responsive development process. This can be seen to broadly similar to the differences between the waterfall model and more recent agile approaches yet at an different timescale - that of moments vs minutes, rather than days vs weeks. Programming with an approach which allows one moment to flow frictionlessly to another without having to wait for compile cycles gives the developer a unique workflow which will be examined in detail in this session.

We will cover the art of Live Programming, including elements such as interactive editors, REPL sessions, realtime visuals and sound, live documentation and on-the-fly-compilation whilst repeatedly demonstrating that these techniques aren't just useful for artistic endeavours but also a powerful and persuasive technique to be applied in industrial contexts.


Sam Aaron (@samaaron)

Sam Aaron is a researcher, software architect and live programmer with a deep fascination surrounding the notion of programming as a form of communication. His previous research and industry work focused upon the design and implementation of DSLs in order to allow concepts to be communicated and transposed more effectively and efficiently.

Currently, Sam leads Improcess, a collaborative research project exploring live interaction patterns between humans and process.

Lasse Rasinen

Lasse Rasinen is a senior R&D engineer and MSc(Eng) in machine learning from the Helsinki University of Technology. He has worked in a number of Finnish software companies, including HiQ Softplan Ltd and Xtract Ltd, in software subcontracting for Finnish consumer electronics companies.

Lasse works currently at Zenrobotics in demanding R&D work.

Markku Rontu (@zorcam)

Markku Rontu is a software architect, programming machine and swordsman who saves Finnish enterprises at Nitor Creations during the daytime and creates virtual worlds at night. He's been developing games and other software since C-64, wonders why making software is still so hard, and why the default of existence is to work.

Tommi Reiman (@ikitommi)

Tommi has been programming all sorts of stuff in the last four decades, starting from Sinclair Basic in the early 80's. Hands-on dude, mostly been working with telecom software/system/enterprise architectures. Believes in simplicity, small teams and in quality code. Currently working with clojure & studying machine learning.

Tommi is a programmer and co-founder of Metosin Oy.

Jarppe Länsiö (@jarppe)

Jarppe got a Telmac TMC-600 micro computer as a christmas present in 1982, and got obsessed with programming immediately. Since then, he has been programming with great enthusiasm, and occasional success, in various projects in areas like telecom, military and education.

Jarppe is a programmer and co-founder of Metosin Oy.